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  • Startrek Day 2020 - Picard
    Star Trek: The Next Generation alums Sir Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (William T. Riker), and host Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) reunite to reminisce about TNG and discuss the cultural significance of Star Trek. The trio also covers the impact of reuniting for
    Startrek Day 2020
    Celebrating the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager, host Mica Burton welcomes stars Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway), Robert Picardo (The Doctor), Robert McNeill (Tom Paris), Garrett Wang (Harry Kim), Tim Russ (Tuvok), and Ethan Phillips (Neelix). They recall life on the set of Voyager, reflect on Star Trek's first female captain, and reveal...
    Startrek Day 2021
    Join Paramount+ and fans from around the world for a live-streamed celebration of Star Trek Day on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 5:30 PM, PT/8:30 PM, ET. Live from the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles, California, Star Trek Day will be hosted by Wil Wheaton and Mica Burton and feature back-to-back in-person conversations with cast members and...
    Picard Season 2 Sneak Peak!
    What We Know, Predictions, And Theories
    Season 2 has been confirmed for Star Trek: Picard. Here's what we know, the biggest questions, our top theories, and predictions for the second season. Season 2 has been officially confirmed. Star Trek: Picard was renewed for a second season before the first season even premiered. During his...

Season 2

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    • Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine)
      The undeniably beautiful Jeri Lynn Ryan (born Jeri Lynn Zimmermann; February 22, 1968) is an American actress best known for her role as the Borg drone, Seven of Nine, in Star Trek: Voyager, for which she was nominated four times for a Saturn Award and won in 2001.


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    • Torri Higginson (Dr Elizabeth Weir)
      Sarah Victoria (Torri) Higginson was December 6th, 1969 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and is best known for her roles in the TekWar movies and series, and for portraying Dr. Elizabeth Weir in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, Dr. Jordan Hampton in NCIS and Commander Delaney Truffault in Dark Matter. She is also a theatre actress and has appeared in Three Tall Women, Weldon Rising and Picasso at the Lapin Agile.


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    • Jolene Blalock ( T'Pol)
      Jolene Blalock was (born March 5th, 1975) and raised in San Diego, California, with three siblings. She spent her childhood surfing and developing artistic skills. She said of her childhood:


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    • Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi)
      Marina Sirtis was born 29th March 1955 in Hackney, London, the daughter of working-class Greek parents, Despina, a tailor's assistant, and John Sirtis. She was brought up in Harringay, North London. When she was three years old, Sirtis says, the teenage sons of her babysitter sexually molested her. Sirtis suffered from an eating disorder which emerged due to the trauma of the assault. After suffering from the disorder for 20 years, she went into therapy in the 1990s and was able to manage the trauma and learn to eat healthily again.

      While still in secondary school, Sirtis secretly auditioned for drama school against her parents' wishes, ultimately being accepted to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

      In 1976, at the age of 21, Sirtis graduated from Guildhall and began her career by joining the Connaught Theatre.

      In 1986, at the age of 31, Sirtis emigrated to the United States, settling in Los Angeles to boost her career. She later became a naturalized US citizen.

      Sirtis started her career as a member of the repertory company at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing, West Sussex, in 1976. Directed by Nic Young, she appeared in Joe Orton's What the Butler Saw and as Ophelia in Hamlet.

      Before her role in Star Trek, Sirtis was featured in supporting roles in several films. In the 1983, Faye Dunaway film, The Wicked Lady, she engaged in a whip fight with Dunaway. In the Charles Bronson sequel Death Wish 3, Sirtis' character is a rape victim. In the film Blind Date, she appears as a prostitute who is murdered by a madman.

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    • Michael Dorn (Worf)
      Michael Dorn was born (December 9th, 1952) in Luling, Texas, the son of Allie Lee and Fentress Dorn, Jr. He grew up in Pasadena, California and studied radio and television production at Pasadena City College. From there, he pursued a career in music as a performer with several different rock music bands, travelling to San Francisco and then back to Los Angeles.

      Dorn first appeared in Rocky as Apollo Creed's bodyguard, though he was not credited. He also appeared as a guest on the television show W.E.B. in 1978. The producer was impressed with his work, so he introduced Dorn to an agent who then introduced him to acting teacher Charles E. Conrad to study acting for six months. He then landed a regular role on the television series Chips.

      Dorn's most famous role to date is that of the Klingon Starfleet officer Lieutenant (later Lt. Commander) Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. From his first appearance in the series premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Encounter at Farpoint, in 1987 to his last in Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002, Dorn has appeared more times as a regular cast member than any other Star Trek actor in the franchise's history, spanning five films and 272 television episodes. He also appeared as Worf's ancestor, Colonel Worf, in the 1991 film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

      Following the end of his Star Trek career, Dorn had supporting roles in a number of independent feature films, including Shadow Hours (2000), Lessons for an Assassin (2001), and the Santa Clause trilogy, in which he appeared in a cameo role as the Sandman.

      "If what happened to the first cast is called being typecast," Dorn says, "then I want to be typecast. Of course, they didn't get the jobs after 'Trek.' But they are making their sixth movie. Name me someone else on television who has made six movies!"


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