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E02: Carbon Creek


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Carbon Creek2_carbon_creek.png

After Archer and Trip become curious about a visit she made to a Pennsylvania mining town called Carbon Creek, T'Pol explains to them that Vulcans actually had their first contact with humans in 1957. That year, a Vulcan ship crashed on Earth and three crew members survived, including T'Pol's great grandmother. They pose as humans in Carbon Creek and take on jobs while waiting for rescue and soon find themselves becoming more involved with the town's residents.

Guest stars:

Ann Cusack, Hank Harris, J. Paul Boehmer, Michael Krawic, Paul Hayes, Clay Wilcox, Ron Marasco, David Selburg

Episode: 2

Air date: 12th September, 2003

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Really liked this episode, I sort of wish the time travel episode had revisited this timeline and found a way to cross paths with the Vulcans here while hunting down the Xindi, but as a standalone episode it was fantastic, love that they introduced Velcro to the world :D

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