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  1. PGen98

    E24: First Flight

    Really great backstory episode, showing the history of the NX program. Loved it, and made Archer look totally different from his usual persona in the series.
  2. PGen98

    E19: Judgment

    Kolos was a great character in the series, it would have been nice to see the role reprised later in the series somehow, but this is a great episode that shows Klingons as more than just warriors, something that desperately needed to happen. One-dimensional Klingon personas are boring, so this was a great shift!
  3. PGen98

    E02: Carbon Creek

    Really liked this episode, I sort of wish the time travel episode had revisited this timeline and found a way to cross paths with the Vulcans here while hunting down the Xindi, but as a standalone episode it was fantastic, love that they introduced Velcro to the world :D
  4. PGen98

    E22: Innocence

    Obligatory: He's a smart guy! Another one of those episodes that shows off the unsuspected protective and nurturing side of Tuvok. The twist with the children was unexpected, but it was a neat episode that shows a very unique arc of a society.
  5. PGen98

    E24: Tuvix

    Tuvix was such a quirky character, it was neat to see him for an episode. The classic quandary of "does this life matter when it is two separate lives that could be saved?" Interesting look into two polar opposite characters merging into one truly unique character. Would have been nice had they let this one run for a couple of episodes.
  6. PGen98

    E17: Dreadnought

    Can't hate a Torres-heavy episode, she's a fun character. The thought of her manipulating a missile in her past life and having it mysteriously turn up in the Delta quadrant heading to attack a civilization that has nothing to do with what it was designed for. Love the plot, love that it went through all of the classic points of finding the missile, attempting the simple disarms, running into error correction overrides, having to be sneaky, etc. It was a fun episode!
  7. PGen98

    E16: Meld

    I hate to keep saying "I really liked this episode," but this was another good one. A crew member with a penchant for murder, caught and then helped by Tuvok, the payoff for which comes later in the series. This was great to watch! Really loved Suder, his ruthlessness and then his pure focus towards the end. Really neat character!
  8. PGen98

    E01: The 37's

    Such a quirky episode, I loved it! The thought that Amelia Earhart actually vanished into space and became a part of a group of people that founded a new civilization. Really good episode!
  9. I quite liked this episode, a real chance to expand build some of the background characters into something more, and a chance to show Tuvok's ability to cultivate and grow talent. The usual bootcamp routine, they start out disliking him, but realize he's a good guy by the end of it.
  10. For me it's Picard. So damn likable throughout, and his roles in the movies were absolutely fantastic to watch. Best captain, though I will also say it's a close second to Archer, as I do love the way he's far more relatable and has more struggles along the way. So for me it's Picard, Archer, Kirk, Janeway, Pike, Sisko...and since he's on the list, Sulu. Sisko is a floater for me. I like his character, but he felt sort of stagnant almost at times in DS9. Too stilted to be relatable, and then he had his baseball moments where he was totally relatable...hard to rank him.
  11. Wish this had run for at least one more season, but I understand why it didn't and why the franchise as a whole went on hiatus afterwards. A great series, IMO, very underappreciated, and an extremely fitting tribute at the end, both to the series and to Trip's sacrifice.
  12. I have to say, I really like this as a start to a Star Trek franchise. The rest of them felt a bit...rushed, maybe? As in, here's the quick backstory now we're getting them into position and off we go! Enterprise took time to build things up a bit more, I really liked that. Also showed the early struggles of getting off the ground, which was nice.
  13. I still believe there's going to be one more appearance, somehow...not necessarily like Leonard Nemoy reprised his role as Spock, but I just feel there's something there for Shatner to reprise his role, somehow.
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