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  • David Ian Hewlett (Dr Rodney McKay)

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    David Ian Hewlett was born 18th April 1968 in Redhill, England, and moved with his family to Canada at the age of four. Hewlett received his first computer in his mid-teens and became a self-described computer nerd. While attending high school in Toronto, he launched his acting career, starring in student films by Vincenzo Natali. He dropped out of high school in his senior year to pursue careers in acting and computing, beginning his acting career in 1984 at the age of sixteen.

    Before his acting career took off, Hewlett ran Darkyl Media, a web site design firm and founded Fusefilm.com, a now defunct internet community for filmmakers.

    Hewlett has appeared in many low-budget horror films, such as The Darkside and the minor cult favourites Scanners II: The New Order and Pin. He also guest starred in several television series. In 1996, he landed one of his better-known roles, as Grant Jansky on Traders. In 1997, Hewlett worked with Natali again, starring in his critically acclaimed thriller Cube as Worth the architect. The low budget Canadian film was commercially successful.

    Hewlett, an avid science fiction fan, has been quoted saying that Doctor Who, the sci-fi program in his native Britain, is what first sparked his love for the genre and that he made science fiction movies with his friends when he was younger in Britain, on his 8 millimetre camera. Hewlett had his early dreams of working in science fiction made into a reality, when he first had a four-episode guest role on the Canadian/American sci-fi series Stargate SG-1, as the Stargate expert Rodney McKay, which eventually grew into his starring role on Stargate Atlantis.

    In 2007, Hewlett appeared as a guest star in the first episode of the TV series Sanctuary, a show produced by and starring Stargate actress Amanda Tapping. He played Larry Tolson – a patient suffering from a form of psychosis, who was shot and wounded before being taken into custody by police as a murder suspect.

    In 2006, he wrote and directed A Dog's Breakfast starring himself, his sister Kate Hewlett, his dog Mars, and Stargate Atlantis co-stars Paul McGillionChristopher Judge and Rachel Luttrell. In July 2006, Hewlett created a YouTube channel named Fanatical.

    In 2014, Hewlett directed the supernatural horror-science fiction film Debug with Jason Momoa, who starred alongside Hewlett in Stargate Atlantis. Jeananne Goossen and Adrian Holmes played the lead roles in the film.

    In 2015, Hewlett appeared in the Syfy TV series Dark Matter, which is based on the comic book of the same name. He played a recurring role as Tabor Calchek, a merchant who also serves as the team's handler. Hewlett continues his interest in film making.

    In 2017 he made HEWLOGRAM, a sci-fi comedy short showcasing the film making and special effects tools of Red Giant.

    Hewlett married actress Soo Garay in 2000. They divorced in 2004. He married Jane Loughman in 2008. Hewlett's younger sister is actress Kate Hewlett. She has appeared on Stargate Atlantis as Rodney McKay's sister, Jeannie Miller, multiple times in the series. When he's not filming, Hewlett volunteers as a parent sponsor of a school PC/Tech club for kids interested in 3D printing, programming and re-purposing tech equipment.

    Film Career:

    • 1987  The Darkside
    • 1988  Pin
    • 1989  The Penthouse
    • 1989  Dead Meat
    • 1990  Where the Heart Is
    • 1990  Deep Sleep
    • 1990  Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel
    • 1991  Scanners II: The New Order
    • 1991  The First Circle
    • 1992  A Savage Christmas: The Fall of Hong Kong
    • 1992  Quiet Killer
    • 1992  Split Images
    • 1993  Blood Brothers
    • 1993  The Boys of St. Vincent: 15 Years Later
    • 1996  Joe's Wedding
    • 1997  Cube
    • 1997  On the 2nd Day of Christmas
    • 1997  Elevated
    • 1997  Bad Day on the Block
    • 1998  Clutch
    • 1998  Milkman
    • 1999  Survivor
    • 1999  The Life Before This
    • 1999  Blind
    • 1999  Autoerotica
    • 1999  Amateur Night
    • 2001  Chasing Cain
    • 2001  And Never Let Her Go
    • 2001  The Triangle
    • 2001  Century Hotel
    • 2001  Treed Murray
    • 2002  Made In Canada, Volume 1: Best of the CFC
    • 2002  Cypher
    • 2002  Father Lefty
    • 2003  Nothing
    • 2003  Foolproof
    • 2003  Friday Night
    • 2004  Boa vs. Python
    • 2004  Ice Men
    • 2004  Darklight
    • 2006  A Dog's Breakfast
    • 2008  Helen
    • 2009  Splice
    • 2010  The Whistleblower
    • 2011  Rise of the Planet of the Apes
    • 2011  Morlocks
    • 2013  Haunter
    • 2017  The Shape of Water
    • 2019  Midway

    Television Career:

    • 1984  The Edison Twins
    • 1988  Friday the 13th: The Series
    • 1998  My Secret Identity
    • 1988–1989 T. and T.
    • 1990  The Campbells
    • 1988–1994  Street Legal
    • 1991–1992  Katts and Dog
    • 1992  Forever Knight
    • 1992–1993  Beyond Reality
    • 1993  Shining Time Station
    • 1993  Tropical Heat (AKA Sweating Bullets)
    • 1993–1996  Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
    • 1994  Monster Force
    • 1996–2000  Traders
    • 2001  ER
    • 2001–2007  Stargate SG-1
    • 2003  Mutant X
    • 2004  Without a Trace
    • 2004  The District
    • 2004–2009  Stargate: Atlantis
    • 2009  The Closer
    • 2010–2011  Hellcats
    • 2011  Stargate: Universe
    • 2013  Darknet
    • 2013  State of Syn
    • 2015–2016  Dark Matter
    • 2016  Suits
    • 2016  The Exorcist
    • 2016  Incorporated
    • 2016–2017  Murdoch Mysteries
    • 2019  Hudson & Rex



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